Difference between public and private functions in qtp

2020-02-22 03:43 Mar 15, 2013 Difference between sub and function in QTP Sub and Functions are used to write a common code that can be called many times in a programm in QTP. Difference between Sub and Function is that We can return a value from a function but In sub it is not possible to return value.

Did you ever face any situation where you needed to create global variables in QTP so that these global values can be used across multiple actionsfunctions within your test script? QTP doesnt provide any direct method to create global variables. But you can use any of the below 2 methods to create declaring variable as Public difference between public and private functions in qtp

If you want to use Option Explicit in VBScript you should have to declare all variables using the Dim, Private, Public, or ReDim statements. Difference between Call Statement and Normal Function Call in QTP (1) Difference between Function and Sub Procedure (1)

Jun 02, 2011  The only difference between a sub and a function is that Sub cant return any values, while a function can return a value. Hi ALL, One difference or exception to the above is if you choose to change and return one or more value(s) or object(s) ByRef with a Sub. difference between public and private functions in qtp

3659 QTP interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced. QTP technical job interview questions of various companies and by job positions. What is the difference between them? IBM, 7 Recovery Manager means. . ? what is meant by function library? Public and private functions in function library? if private functions are Jan 02, 2013 VBScript is implemented differently in QTP. The scope of the variable defined in the vbs file is at the test level& therefore is accessible to all actions within a test, even called actions. Public statement isn't relevant in this context. Class size is one of the major differences between public schools and private schools. The class size in urban public schools can be as large as 2530 students (or more), while most private schools keep their class sizes closer to an average of 1015 students, depending on the school. difference between public and private functions in qtp In addition to the answer of Ekkehard. Horner, in QTP it is also possible to load Qtp Function Libraries (QFL) as. qfl or. vbs files. A function, const or variable in a QFL that is private, can not be used in another QFL, Module or Action, while a public one can. Creating Functions in QTP and passing parameters to a Function Difference between a Sub and a Function Example on how to return a value from a Function Passing parameters by Value and by Reference; Lets get started with these concepts. . Procedures in QTP. The grouping of the lines of code to execute it repeatedly can be broadly classified as Procedures. In QTP, you have two different types Action is internal to QTP whereas functions are generic and are coded in VBscript. The main difference between an action and a function is that an actions contains an Object repository. . An action can also be shared; it can also use different shared reposiroties. A function on the other hand doesn't have an object repository Key Differences Between Public Sector and Private Sector The following are the major differences between public sector and private sector: Public Sector is a part of the countrys economy where the control and maintenance are in the hands of Government.

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