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2020-02-18 08:17 Feb 10, 2010 Difference Between EER and SEER. Another difference that can be seen, is that Energy Efficiency Ratio can be measured directly, whereas, Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating is determined only by predictions, because of unpredictable weather conditions. Where the value of EER is normally calculated at 35 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius,

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The difference between EER and SEER is the S, which stands for seasonal. Rather than measuring the energy efficiency of an air conditioner at one operating temperature, SEER is the calculation of how energy efficient the air conditioner is during the cooling season at

SEER EER 0. 9 SEER COP x 3. 792 EER COP x 3. 413. SEER of 13 is approximately equivalent to a COP of 3. 43, which means that 3. 43 units of heat energy are removed from indoors per unit of work energy used to run the heat pump. The relationship between SEER and EER is relative depending on where you live because equipment performance is difference between cop and eer

A SEER of 13 can be approximated as an EER of 11. 2 (using equation 13), or a COP of 3. 6 (using equation 8). The theoretical maximum COP for a difference of 2F is about 100 (using equation 2), or 25 times more efficient. Energy Efficiency Ratio EER. The Energy Efficiency Ratio EER is a term generally used to define cooling energy efficiency of unitary airconditioning and heat pump system. The efficiency is determined at a single rated condition specified by an appropriate equipment standard and is defined as the ratio of net cooling capacity Power Factor Calculator Call us at (805) 547 2050 to schedule a noobligation consultation or to learn more ways Abraxas Energy Consulting can help you improve the difference between cop and eer What is the difference between EER and CoP in refrigeration? Update Cancel a VxfnM d ghC i b VmIaW y N Yf D egr u hwo c yH k ILTQG D knRZS u sn c zzQ k GgIlw G MtGNj o wWvhU Coefficient of Performance (COP) The coefficient of performance is used to measure the units efficiency while in the heating mode and is applied to heat pumps, of any nominal cooling capacity, that operates on three phase current. To evaluate a heat pumps efficiency while in cooling mode, EER or SEER must be used. COP amount of heat removed in W power consumed in W. Thus, COP is a unit less quantity. Thus, just like EER, higher the COP, better is the air conditioner. The following relation establishes the relation between EER and COP. EER 3. 412 COP. Show efficiency and be a star performer Feb 14, 2019 What is the difference between efficiency and COP? Update Cancel a hhzC d X D b XZnpu y an cKq A L h gjO a rxL! t AXfQ f sTZYW o D r A pqPEw M siX a SlV r GrtW k RK e eK t M i GMKI n vJwX g vVMAX

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